Want to Save Money and Effort?

Breastfeeding is a cost-effective option for many families. It eliminates the need to purchase expensive formula, which can significantly add up over time. Additionally, breastfeeding saves effort as it requires no preparation time compared to formula feeding, which involves measuring, mixing, and warming.

This natural process also means fewer bottles and accessories to buy, clean, and sterilize, reducing both cost and daily workload for parents.

Real Facts by a Practicing Professional

I'm a registered dietitian and lactation consultant based in Paarl, South Africa.

I graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2013, where I received my Dietetics degree. I then started working in the government sector, where I quickly realised that I have a passion for infant feeding.

I furthered my studies and completed the South African Lactation Consultant Course in 2020.

Breastmilk is Amazing

This amazing nutritious fluid comes to us free of charge. We just need to know how to cultivate a healthy habit, and I can help you with that!

Expert Advice

I spend most of my days between hospitals and house calls, helping new and again moms settle into their own breastfeeding style.

Regain Your Confidence

Some of you might have been struggling to breastfeed for a while, or are worried about the many variables that lie and wait after the baby arrives. Let me get you prepared and ready for this wonderful adventure.

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